Equinix increases IX port speeds to 100G

Equinix increases IX port speeds to 100G

Equinix has made 100G port speeds available on its IX peering platform.

The increase in port speed is said to meet the growing bandwidth demands of its IX customers.  

Customers are said to be able to increase bandwidth by immediately adding 100G ports as well as adding bandwidth in 10G increments.

Equinix has made 100G port speeds available in nine markets across Asia-Pacific and North America, including Chicago, Dallas, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Washington DC, with additional European markets being added later in 2015.

Equinix has confirmed that Netflix and Hurricane Electric are among the first companies to adopt the increased speeds. 

“As video usage continues to grow exponentially on the Internet, its robustness relies on continual improvement of public Internet Exchange platforms such as the Equinix Internet Exchange. The massive scalability that a 100G-capable platform provides leads to greater efficiency and helps us continue to deliver a great Netflix experience to our members around the world,” said David Temkin, director of global networks at Netflix.

Equinix IX claims to aggregate thousands of peering sessions onto a shared fabric, connecting peers at 19 Internet Exchange Point (IXP) locations in 17 markets around the world.

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