Comcast and Lenovo join OpenDayLight in SDN, NFV push

Comcast and Lenovo join OpenDayLight in SDN, NFV push

Comcast and Lenovo are the latest companies to join the OpenDayLight Project, a community-led and industry supported open source platform to support the development of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualisation (NFV).

Launched by the likes of Cisco Systems, Microsoft and IBM, the two-year-old project is developing a common and open framework to help drive the adoption of SDN and NFV. To date, it has nearly 50 members, ranging from network technology vendors to software companies. 

“We’re seeing more end users starting to adopt OpenDaylight and participate in its development as the community sharpens its focus on stability, scalability, security and performance,” said Neela Jacques, executive director of OpenDaylight. 

“Comcast has been testing ODL and working with our community since launch and the team at Lenovo were heavily involved in ODL’s foundation through their roots at IBM. Our members see the long-term value of creating a rich ecosystem around open systems and OpenDaylight.”

Rakesh Puri, executive director of network applications and systems at Comcast, said that with a growing number of endpoints to manage, evolving its SDN and NFV capabilities becomes increasingly important. 

“We’ve actively participated in OpenDaylight since the beginning and have seen both the codebase and ecosystem continue to mature in ways that are trending positively for service providers. We are excited to continue our work with the community and Advisory Group so everyone, especially our customers, can benefit from this change,” he said.

Igor Marty, CTO of Lenovo’s SDN and NFV initiatives, said that an open approach like OpenDayLight is the faster way to deploy solution. He added that the community is leading the path towards interoperability by integrating legacy and emerging southbound protocols and defining northbound APIs for orchestration.

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