SAP launches cloud platform

SAP launches cloud platform

SAP has launched a cloud platform designed for the internet of things (IoT).

Named SAP Hana Cloud Platform, the private cloud service will enable businesses to connect sensors and devices to any app or business process within their networks.   

With this platform, the company claims it now offers an end-to-end spectrum of IoT services. The cloud service will build on its existing data and application services, which includes predictive analytics, telematics and geo-location.

In addition, SAP will include a limited free and unlimited access to the SAP SQL Anywhere suite in order to make it easy for customers to deploy IoT applications to the edge.

“SAP is helping customers reimagine their business with the most comprehensive portfolio of internet of things solutions from core business operations to the edge of the network,” said Steve Lucas, president of platform solutions at SAP.

“With the launch of SAP Hana Cloud Platform for the Internet of Things, our customers and partners now have the ability to connect anything to any app or business process in their company and business network. This will achieve operational excellence and deliver new customer experiences, products and services,” he added.