Cisco to acquire API platform company Tropo

Cisco to acquire API platform company Tropo

Cisco is to acquire application programming interface company Tropo in a bid to embed real-time communications into its applications.

The acquisition of Tropo will provide Cisco with a collaboration platform-as-a-service, which would allow Cisco customers and developers to create communications services with minimal development effort.

Cisco said Tropo’s APIs and its 200,000-strong developer network will enable it to extend collaboration technologies to third-party applications and end-points.

“Tropo’s technology will enable developers to build applications that integrate into the Service Provider’s existing communications infrastructure, providing the Service Provider with an advantage over OTT competitors and ways to generate new sources of revenue,” said Hilton Romanski, Cisco’s head of corporate development. 

Tropo will join Cisco’s collaboration technology group under Rowan Trollope, the unit’s SVP and GM. Cisco plans to complete the deal by its fiscal fourth quarter. 

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