Google confirms plans to launch MVNO

Google confirms plans to launch MVNO

Google is set to launch its MVNO service in the US later this year, said its senior vice president for products Sundar Pichai.

During his appearance at Mobile World Congress 2015, Pichai confirmed that the company was in talks with telcos about launching the service.

"We are actually working with carrier partners. You will see us announce it in the coming months. Our goal is to drive a set of innovations we think should arrive, but do it a smaller scale, like Nexus devices, so people will see what we're doing," said Pichai, adding that the company does not “intend to a network operator at scale.” 

In January, the company was rumoured to be working with T-Mobile and Sprint to launch the service. However at MWC, Pichai declined to confirm that it was partnering with both operators. 

A Google MVNO service could potentially shake up the US mobile market and force a fiercer price war in the market. The company’s Google Fibre project, which provides ultra-fast internet service to customers, has already pressured companies to reduce costs. 

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