Telstra launches 100G services

Telstra launches 100G services

Telstra has launched 100Gbps connectivity across a number of its long-haul subsea cable routes.

The move is said to support demand for high-bandwidth applications such as HD video services. 

The 100G service is available in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and the US, via the following cable systems: Asia America Gateway (AAG), Reach North Asia Loop (RNAL), Telstra Endeavour, Australia-Japan Cable (AJC) and Unity.

“As the volume of data generated and consumed worldwide continues to increase exponentially, it’s critical the infrastructure responsible for delivering it can cater to this need. Our job, as a trusted network partner, is to adapt and ensure there is capacity where it is required most by our customers,” said Darrin Webb, COO, Telstra Global Enterprise & Services.

The 100G launch comes as Telstra finalises its deal for Pacnet, making it one of the largest network operators in the Asia-Pacific region.