Cavern Technologies expands underground data centre

US data centre provider Cavern Technologies has increased the footprint of its underground facility near Kansas City by 60,000 square feet, as part of an ongoing expansion project to meet increasing client growth.

The addition, which now brings the company’s total operating space to 160,000 square feet, is part of a $10 million, 100,000-square-foot expansion that will make it the largest data centre in the Kansas City region when completed. In addition, the company says it has up to 900,000 square feet of space available “for future growth” at the subterranean co-location site.

“Locally and nationally, customers really like our model,” said Pete Clune, Cavern’s CEO. “We adapt our model to their needs and create a custom solution that gives the customer that just-in-time inventory to support their IT operations as they scale into the future.”

The next phase of the expansion will add another 40,000 square feet. Cavern – which has been operating in the underground facility since 2007 – provides a mix of data centre options, from small private suites to large custom build-to-suit data centres with dedicated security and electrical infrastructure.