MEF launches Third Network vision initative

MEF launches Third Network vision initative

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) has announced its Third Network vision initiative designed to deliver internet like agility and ubiquity with CE 2.0 like performance and security.

The Third Network vision is based on a range of network service principles, and builds on MEF’s body of CE 2.0 work, providing a beacon for new MEF work which is already underway and planned.

As part of the Third Network vision, the initiative includes service orchestration functions, APIs, a protocol independent Network as a Service (NaaS) information model and service definitions. The capabilities are designed to support agile, assured and orchestrated NaaS between physical and virtual service endpoints.

“We are embarking on the next stage of a remarkable journey,” said Bob Metcalfe, investor of Ethernet, advisory director MEF, and professor of innovation at the University of Texas. “MEF is announcing a new network paradigm, a third network vision for agile, assured and orchestrated Network as a Service that is available that is available worldwide.”

Nan Chen, president of the MEF believes the world now needs a new network that builds on both the internet and CE 2.0.

“Combining the availability and agility of the internet with the assurance in performance and security of CE 2.0 will allow us to create a network so flexible and robust that the network itself can be delivered as a customised virtual service, opening up unlimited possibilities for new business models and market growth,” added Chen.

Watch out for Capacity’s Ethernet business briefing, available online next week.

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