AMS-IX US launches PoP in San Francisco with Digital Realty

AMS-IX US launches PoP in San Francisco with Digital Realty

AMS-IX’s US subsidiary has extended its partnership with Digital Realty to establish a PoP in the data centre provider’s facility in San Francisco.

The AMS-IX Bay Area PoP will be established in Digital Realty’s 365 Main Street unit in San Francisco, and is expected to enable additional peering opportunities for customers, as well as improved reach and connectivity for their end users.

“Starting AMS-IX Bay Area in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley region, following the Open-IX IXP standards, is a great opportunity for us to bring enormous value to the interconnection market by offering an affordable and highly distributed internet exchange platform,” said Job Witteman, CEO at AMS-IX.

The Bay Area facility builds on the success of AMS-IX’ Amsterdam and New York models which have a combined connected party number of 700, and a peak internet traffic rate close to 3Tbps.

Digital Realty customers are expected to benefit from reduced latency and transit costs by peering directly with AMS-IX Bay Area, and will allow companies connecting to the platform to locate and expand their presence within a secure and modern interconnection facility.

“The expansion of the AMS-IX/Digital Realty relationship from New York to San Francisco further strengthens and expands Digital Realty’s commitment to the Open-IX initiative,” added John Sarkis, general manager of co-location and connectivity at Digital Realty.

In July, rival internet exchange DE-CIX launched a PoP at Sabey Data Center’s Intergate.Manhattan facility in New York.

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