Verizon to roll out VoLTE services

Verizon to roll out VoLTE services

Verizon is reportedly set to launch VoLTE HD voice calls, and will become the fourth major carrier in the US to roll out the service.

Subscribers with the appropriate handsets will be able to make high-definition voice and video calls over Verizon’s LTE network over the next few weeks, and the move is seen as the first sign that the largest carrier in the US will remove its traditional voice offering over time.

VoLTE technology is designed to allow quicker calls, improved quality of sound and to allow for video calls more easily. There are still issues over coverage, however, as the whole country is not yet covered by LTE networks and the call can drop if a subscriber leaves an LTE area.

Verizon’s launch of VoLTE represents the company’s first HD voice service, something that rivals Sprint and T-Mobile have claimed to offer for years.

Verizon has not yet confirmed which smartphones will be compatible with its HD VoLTE voice offering.

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