Colt delivers SIP trunking to trivago

Colt has signed an agreement with online hotel search aggregator trivago, for the delivery of its SIP trunking solution.

The solution is expected to enable trivago to reduce its costs by taking advantage of local call rates from its German headquarters, as well as a further six countries (France, UK, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain) across Europe.

The company said it is off-putting for its customers to dial an international number, due to associated costs and concerns over language. The SIP trunking solution allows calls to be directly routed over Colt’s network and into trivago’s main office in Düsseldorf, Germany, where the caller is connected to an appropriate native speaker.

“trivago has been a customer of Colt’s voice and network services since 2005, with all services delivered by our channel partner Teleto, also based in Düsseldorf,” said Falk Weinreich, EVP at Colt Technology Services.

“Colt and Teleto have jointly supported this rapid growth and found the right solutions to meet the demand for greater bandwidth and better performance,” he added.

The solution roll-out took eight weeks and involved Colt installing an IP VPN feed to trivago’s Düsseldorf office, and deploying SIP trunks in all six countries.

In December 2013 Colt announced an extension to its SIP trunking solution to include advanced security and disaster recovery functions.