Verizon completes 100G trial over Ethernet network

Verizon completes 100G trial over Ethernet network

US carrier Verizon has completed a trial over its regional Ethernet network between two 100G network interface devices (NID).

The trial consisted of transmitting 100G traffic for 4.6 miles over Verizon’s regionally switched Ethernet services network in Dallas.

Verizon Global Wholesale’s customer, Splice Communications, provided connectivity to CyrusOne, a global data centre provider that served as the end user in the trial, claiming to deliver carrier-grade performance.

“This accomplishment, which we believe is an industry first, is a significant step forward along the evolution of 100G technology in preparation for the day when demand for higher network speed and capacities outgrows current technologies,” said Guru Pai, chief product officer and SVP of corporate technology at Verizon.

“Having 100G network access will be important for businesses that operate data centres and for mobile backhaul and other service applications.”

According to the company, performance results for key metrics were above industry standards for Ethernet virtual connections. The metrics consisted of frame delay, which represents the amount of time it takes an Ethernet frame to reach its destination.

Verizon said the growing demand for higher bandwidth comes from bigger capacity requirements, including cloud services, 4G LTE mobile technology and collaboration services.