CSG International launches new cybersecurity enterprise

CSG International launches new cybersecurity enterprise

CSG International has announced the launch of a new cybersecurity solution, called CSG Invotas.

The solution provides automation and orchestration solutions to respond to cyber-attacks in real time.

Peter Kalan, CEO of CSG, commented that the launch of the solution follows a rise in the number of incidents of cyber-attacks and compromised data records among clients. He said that the company recognised a need from clients for real-time security management.

“Attacks unfold in the blink of an eye, but can take months to be properly contained and eradicated. CSG Invotas enables our clients to respond to attacks in real time, providing increased levels of business assurance, continuity, efficiency, and risk management, decreased technology operations costs and the ability to protect mission-critical infrastructure continuously and securely,” said Kalan.

In December last year, CSG International announced the purchase of key assets from charging and billing company Volubill.

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