Extreme Networks launches new application solution

Extreme Networks launches new application solution

Ethernet network solutions provider Extreme Networks has announced the launch of its network solution Purview.

The “first-of-breed product” is designed to provide businesses in a range of sectors with the knowledge needed to maximise network performance and improve user experience, Steve Johnson, regional director at Extreme Networks told Capacity upon the launch.

Purview uses the network as a source of business intelligence and offers an oversight of applications used throughout the network, analysing trends and usage across the entire system, including anything from mobile devices to data centre facilities.

“The solution puts that information into a very context-rich landscape and is able to provide intelligence not just on application use, but also on who is using it – what role, person or function, where they are using it and what time of day they are using it,” said Johnson. “It is the first product in the market place that allows the CIO full visibility and therefore control of everything that is happening on the network.”

According to Johnson, the product could also help improve business strategy, as it helps the CIO to draw conclusions as to why some teams are more successful than others and to identify which applications could improve performance.

In addition, Purview is designed to mitigate network threats by protecting a company against malicious or unapproved system use.

Medium to large enterprises are likely to adopt the new solution first, claimed Johnson. Extreme Networks has specifically targeted uptake from the education, retail and health verticals.

Purview will also be deployed as the official Wifi analytics solution for the National Football League (NFL) and will be implemented in four NFL stadiums.

“We want to deliver the most immersive and connected experience for our fans at the stadium and Purview from Extreme Networks can help enhance the fan experience through its advanced analytics capabilities,” said Michelle McKenna-Doyle, CIO of the National Football League. “In delivering insight on user application preference and usage, our teams are able to best use the Wifi technology to deliver an exceptional gameday experience.”

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