ADVA Optical Networking launches Ethernet services

ADVA Optical Networking launches Ethernet services

US-based ADVA Optical Networking has today announced the launch of a suite of services designed to help carriers manage their Ethernet networks.

ADVA’s Ethernet Services Suite (ESS) comprises a range of services dedicated to the design, deployment, operation and maintenance of Ethernet networks for carriers.

“Every aspect of ESS has been developed to simplify operations, to strip away complexities, to help service providers focus on their core business,” said Phillip Needel, manager of service building development at ADVA Optical Networking.

“ESS is essentially an a la carte menu that covers the full gamut of Ethernet services – it provides every service that a customer would need to plan, support, deploy and maintain their networks.”

The services are designed to allow carriers and service providers to focus solely on meeting customer demand rather than the maintenance of their networks.

Customers are reportedly able to create tailored packages from the ESS in order to meet their specific needs.

Michael Howard, co-founder and principal analyst at Infonetics, said that ADVA has a long term understanding of the Ethernet market.

“Over the past decade its team has built some of the industry’s largest installed-bases of Ethernet Access Devices (EAD), and in fact have more EADs installed worldwide than any other manufacturer,” Howard said.

“We expect that operators deploying EADs will be interested in ESS, since it is the most comprehensive service of its kind we’ve seen for this market.”

In September last year, BT Openreach in the UK deployed more than 100,000 of ADVA Optical Networking’s FSP suites into its Ethernet Access Direct (EAD) services.

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