AT&T matches Verizon in 4G race

AT&T matches Verizon in 4G race

US mobile giant AT&T has announced that it has extended its 4G services to 26 new markets in the US.

AT&T is now on a level with rival Verizon Wireless in 4G coverage, with the move raising AT&T’s total LTE markets to 500.

The company is however lagging behind in total population coverage. Verizon’s LTE footprint reaches further outside cities and towns, covering surrounding areas.

AT&T’s network touches 270 million people, while Verizon reaching approximately 300 million.

AT&T has not completed its 4G expansion, while Verizon has concluded its roll-out and is now focusing on adding capacity to its LTE network. Analysts say that it is likely that AT&T will add more cell sites in the coming months.

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