AT&T improves connectivity for Ericsson connected cloud

AT&T improves connectivity for Ericsson connected cloud

US telecoms giant AT&T has signed an agreement with Swedish vendor Ericsson to improve its connectivity for products and applications powered by the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud.

The deal will see AT&T advance Ericsson’s cloud ecosystem with wireless connectivity, making it easier to connect in-vehicle technology.

Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud is based on its Service Enablement Platform and is designed to allow passengers to access applications directly from a screen in the car.

AT&T has created the AT&T Drive platform in a bid to deliver an innovative, tailored solution and Chris Penrose, SVP at AT&T Mobility, said that Ericsson is an integral player in that platform of services.

“Ericsson’s vehicle cloud realises the true potential of connected vehicle products and applications,” he said.

Per Borgklint, SVP and head of business unit support solutions at Ericsson, said that AT&T recognises the potential there is to transform digital experiences in and around a car, and has created advanced technology to suit.

"As Ericsson ramps up connected efforts with AT&T, we continue to expand the value and direct consumer impact of the Connected Vehicle Cloud service offering,” Borgklint said.

“When selecting and consuming services, drivers will indirectly benefit from faster response times, data security and quality of service."

In September last year Ericsson announced a strategic partnership with Orange designed to better serve the growing M2M market.

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