iPass partners with Skype for Wifi infrastructure

iPass partners with Skype for Wifi infrastructure

Wireless network operator iPass is to deliver global Wifi network infrastructure for video calling application Skype.

The partnership is designed to expand the reach of Skype’s services by providing further hotspots in more locations worldwide.

“A global Wifi network is fundamental to Skype's business to support our large and growing subscriber base that use Skype products for video calling, IP voice and instant messaging,” said Todd Haugen, general manager of Skype Wifi.

"Partnering with iPass was an obvious choice as they have the largest commercial Wi-Fi network by far, with access to over 1.2 million hotspots across 124 countries and territories.”

Evan Kaplan, president and CEO at iPass, emphasised the importance of Wifi to the mobile data system, and last year, Steve Livingston, SVP of carrier development at iPass, told Capacity that he expected Wifi hotspots to become a battleground between mobile operators and service providers.