Google targets Provo, Utah for fibre deployment

Google targets Provo, Utah for fibre deployment

Internet giant Google could be set to announce Provo, Utah as its next fibre city after Kansas City, Missouri and Austin, Texas.

The company has signed a deal to acquire the city’s existing fibre-optic network, iProvo, but it is still awaiting approval from the city council which will vote on April 23.

If approved, Google has said it will begin work to promote the existing network to Google Fiber as soon as possible.

“As a part of the acquisition, we would commit to upgrade the network to gigabit technology and finish network construction so that every home along the existing iProvo network would have the opportunity to connect to Google Fiber,” Google said in a blog post.

Earlier this month, Google was in conflict with AT&T over fibre-optic cable infrastructure in Texas.

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