AT&T partners with Akamai for CDN offering

AT&T partners with Akamai for CDN offering

AT&T has announced the launch of a CDN platform for US business customers in partnership with Akamai.

The CDN offer is designed to help businesses to deliver, manage and enhance mobile and web content on any device and comes after the two announced a strategic alliance in December.

It is claimed that customers will benefit from better delivery of digital content, more efficient content routing and significantly improved performance of e-commerce and other non-cacheable data.

“Our new CDN solution allows our customers to manage and deliver content faster and more efficiently to end-users across broadband, mobile, Wifi, and intranet connections to virtually any device,” said Jon Summers, SVP of growth platforms at AT&T.

Cindy Whelan, principal analyst of business network and wholesale services at Current Analysis, emphasised the importance of delivering quality content, efficiently, to customers.

“Services like AT&T Content Delivery Network can assist enterprises in meeting these requirements by enabling them to manage, maximise, and accelerate the flow of digital assets, creating seamless mobile and web experiences regardless of device,” she said.

A similar offering for multinational companies is also planned.

As of 2012, the Akamai Intelligent Platform covers 81 countries and 1,100 of the world’s networks.