Market Trend

Current Analysis Cloud Survey, 2012

Which cloud services do you plan to use?


Out of the 550 enterprises surveyed, respondents identified SaaS as the main cloud-based service they plan to use, followed by IaaS and PaaS. In terms of carrier strategies, wholesale cloud enablement strategies or service aggregator models are more geared to target SOHO and SMB segments. Direct cloud sales approaches are more typically in place to address the large enterprise and multinational segments. Belgacom's Becloud sales strategy, for example, involves direct sales for targeting large enterprises and MNCs, with a vast reseller programme comprising 260 'ICT agents' in place for targeting SOHO and SME segments.

What are the main drivers for adopting
cloud services?

What type of supplier do you typically select for each of the following types of cloud services?

Source: Current Analysis Cloud Survey,
June 2012

Source: Current Analysis Cloud Survey,
June 2012

For the large enterprise segment, the standout drivers are cost effectiveness with security and reliability concerns representing inhibitors of take-up. To take advantage of the opportunity and current perception of market maturity of cloud offerings, service providers, operators and cloud-store portals are now vying for poll position to become cloud service aggregators, as in for example KPN's positively bold 'Open Cloud Store' service initiative.

The market is still showing a preference for specialists for choosing a cloud services provider. However, Current Analysis believes that there is an opportunity for operators to be leaders in the cloud services ecosystem given their technological position and strengths in data security and information privacy.


With the main driver of achieving cost efficiencies, larger enterprises with over 2,000 headcount (up to 5,000) are at 71% usage of cloud-based IT provision and the rest in the planning stages, with the percentage of those already using reducing to 57% for companies in the 500-1,000 headcount bracket. Current Analysis research suggests that sophisticated ICT resellers are in a position to address prospects in the 500 headcount size providing they have large enough support staff and national presence, otherwise telcos will serve such clients with direct sales efforts.  

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