Mobile voice leads the way in Cameroon
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Mobile voice leads the way in Cameroon

Voice services are projected to remain the core revenue generator in Cameroon’s telecoms market, with mobile voice revenues expected to amount to $1.3 billion by 2017, according to a report by Pyramid Research.


Should Cameroon’s regulator be able to encourage price reductions, mobile data is also expected to become an increasing source of revenue, with basic mobile data services likely to be embraced by many Cameroonians.

The introduction of a new MVNO and 3G mobile network operator are anticipated to lead to lower prices and broader coverage with more subscribers likely to join the market.

Fixed revenue is projected to increase to an estimated total of $238 million in 2012, mainly driven by WiMAX network expansion, deployment of WiMAX networks and fibre-optic roll-outs planned by the government.

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