Sprint launches LTE network in 15 US markets

Sprint launches LTE network in 15 US markets

Sprint Nextel has launched its LTE mobile broadband network in 15 markets, reaffirming the leading position US operators have in the LTE market.

Sprint had previously entered the 4G market as a backer of WiMAX technology, but has now committed to the roll-out of LTE in a bid to rival market leaders Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility.

Sprint has rolled its network out across the US, including its headquarters of Kansas City, in addition to Atlanta, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, where AT&T is based.

Sprint is the third major US provider to roll out LTE, and it is widely expected T-Mobile USA will follow and launch an LTE network next year.

4G technology is seen as increasingly important in the US market, considering the large uptake of smartphone devices and the increasing need for networks to accommodate high bandwidth and low latency.

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