Zayo to build Albuquerque fibre network

Fibre provider, Zayo Group, announced plans today to build a high bandwidth network in Albuquerque, New Mexico, including fibre-optic cable stretching from the South Valley to the Sandia Mountains.

The 158-route mile build is in support of 4G expansion for one of Zayo’s wireless customers and will reach from the suburb of South Valley to Bernalillo, east to Highway 556, and west to Highway 448.

It will include numerous on-net and near-net buildings throughout the Albuquerque metro and provide access to high bandwidth communications for major industries in the area.

“We believe Zayo’s fibre expansion into Albuquerque will create significant opportunities for Zayo and improve access to high bandwidth solutions in this brand new Zayo market,” said Matt Erickson, president of Zayo Fibre and Transport Infrastructure.

Zayo previously only offered high bandwidth communication services from a single PoP in Albuquerque to other cities across its network.