Verizon deploys 100Gbps technology on US long-haul network

Verizon deploys 100Gbps technology on US long-haul network

Verizon, the largest carrier in the US, has deployed 100Gbps on a long-haul optical system on a portion of the company’s US backhaul network.

The company is using Ciena’s optical transport solution for the deployment, in what Verizon says is an industry first for the US. The solution has previously been deployed in Europe by the carrier, and is directed towards providing additional network benefits to Verizon’s customers located at strategic business locations. The company confirmed plans to deploy the next-generation technology on 10 additional routes by 2011, in a bid to reduce latency on networks and provide greater capacity per fibre.

“We’re seeing not only growth in traffic, but also in the need for immediacy from our customers that are managing financial transactions, healthcare data exchange, energy services and entertainment,” said Ihab Tarazi, VP of global network planning at Verizon. “With 100G, Verizon will be able to help meet those demands more efficiently with better performance.”

As 100Gbps becomes a more prominent technology in the market, Verizon claims it was the first to complete a field trial of 100Gbps optical traffic on a live system in November 2007. Earlier this year, the company upgraded the IP-backbone link on its European network between Paris and Frankfurt on a 100Gbps Ethernet link.

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