Cloud-as-service products worth $11 billion in 2011
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Cloud-as-service products worth $11 billion in 2011

Cloud-as-service products are predicted to be worth $11 billion in 2011 according to research firm the 451 Group.

However, this figure would be reduced to $2 billion when Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is taken out.

The report cites the US market as being furthest ahead in the global cloud market by approximately a year. Last year, the US market accounted for 90% of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud revenues and in 2011 this is expected to decrease to 70%. This reduction is due to bigger players such as Amazon and Rackspace increasing their presence in other markets.

“We’ve been through utility computing, witnessed the arrival of Amazon Web Services, endured cloud washing and hype from vendors, and we’re now entering another phase of cloud computing – the deployment of cloud architectures,” said The 451 Group’s VP of research and cloud expert William Fellows.

The group said that the benefits of cloud computing are too important to ignore any longer, and encourages businesses to integrate internal systems and networks with hosted cloud services.

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