India’s telecoms market continues to grow
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India’s telecoms market continues to grow

Indian mobile operators will continue their success over the next five years, according to Pyramid Research.

Higher disposable incomes and low-cost mobile devices have allowed operators to expand their operations in rural markets with low teledensity.

The report predicts 100% penetration rates by 2015, when mobile subscriptions are expected to reach 1.3 billion. This amounts to an additional 521 million subscriptions over the next five years, during which the average net subscription rate is estimated to be 125 million per year. In comparison, China is expected to add 349 million subscribers.

By 2015, India will account for 30% of the total access lines in Asia-Pacific (fixed and mobile). However, this is expected to contribute 8% of the region’s total revenue, as a result of low ARPS levels. Mobile revenues are increasing at 8.1% during 2010 to 2015, though mobile data service revenue will grow at 27.3%.