Expereo, HOPUS and Net1C join France-IX marketplace

22 November 2018 | Natalie Bannerman


France-IX, a French internet peering service provider, has just added Expereo, HOPUS and Net1C as sellers to its marketplace.

The news brings the total number of sellers in the France-IX ecosystem to ten bringing increased service value and innovation to the platform.

“We are delighted to welcome Expereo, HOPUS and Net1C to the France-IX Marketplace,” said Simon Muyal, chief technical officer at France-IX. “Net1C will offer voice services for the first time in the marketplace, which are traditionally unavailable to small and medium sized organisations due to cost, volume and technology considerations. Additionally, in a European industry first, HOPUS will offer its innovative service of partial IP transit helping France-IX members to reach new and sought-after members, not currently peering at France-IX. Add to this Expereo’s XCA-Edge solution and we have a very strong new set of new services to offer our peering members, all of which are provisioned within hours and are very competitively priced.”

Expereo, a managed Internet network provider, will use its XCA-Edge border gateway protocol (BGP) network optimisation solution giving France-IX members non-intrusive, plug-and-play optimisation of Internet network performance and reliability.

“France-IX members can also benefit from our XCA-Edge in-depth performance monitoring and traffic analysis reporting, which creates a comprehensive, at-a-glance picture of their network connectivity, and shows vital data needed for future capacity planning, troubleshooting and long term improvement,” added Sander Barens, VP commercial development at Expereo.

While HOPUS, a partial transit service provider, offers France-IX members a new type of hybrid IP transit and paid peering service with a unique pricing model that means users are only charged for outbound bandwidth.

“Paid peering is usually only provided by carriers but with our innovative new model, France-IX members of any size gain high quality IP transit and access to a large number of otherwise restricted peering destinations including access ISPs and customers,” added Philippe Duguet, CEO of HOPUS.

As for telecoms carrier Net1C it will become the first France-IX marketplace seller to offer voice services creating a new category of non-peering services to members.

“Net1C voice services are continuously monitored and proactively managed to ensure voice service quality, explained says Christophe Assens, CEO at Net1C. “Because it is inherently more secure and quicker to exchange traffic between carriers and content providers via an IXP, France-IX peering members can be sure they are receiving a voice service with the best pricing, security and capacity.”