China Telecom Global strikes "game-changing" data centre collaboration

25 April 2017 | James Pearce

China Telecom Global has struck a partnership with Daily Tech and Global Switch that it claims is “game-changing” for the data centre industry

The co-operation framework agreement will see CTG and its partner Daily Tech draw on Global Switch’s expertise when developing and constructing new data centres and sites.

CTG will draw on Global Switch’s knowledge of data centre capacity, services, development and management outside of China when developing sites in new markets.

Global Switch currently operates 300,000 square metres of space in 10 data centres across hubs in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney.

The collaboration will see the three firms enter a number of co-operation arrangements around adding to Global Switch’s international footprint and capacity; joint marketing of services; one stop service and system access; plus data centre, network and systems integration services.

John Corcoran, CEO of Global Switch, said: “The signing of this agreement is a testament to Global Switch’s considerable strength, experience and reliability as an international, large-scale, carrier and cloud neutral data centre owner, developer and operator. 

“It represents another core building block in our future growth strategy, and is a further demonstration of the springboard and connectivity we can offer to companies seeking to expand within a secure, professionally managed and world class environment.”

The partnership will allow CTG and Daily Tech, a leading Chinese data centre provider, to boost competitiveness on an international scale.

The arrangement was signed officially in Hong Kong on 25 April 2017 in a ceremony attended by Corcoran, CTG CEO Deng Xiaofeng, and Daily Tech CEO Li Qiang.

CTG said the agreement reaffirms its commitment to play a key role in delivering China’s Belt ad Road Initiative, also known as the Silk Road Initiative, which looks to grow connectivity links between China and Eurasia.

Deng Xiaofeng said: “We are delighted to enter into this worldwide relationship with two of the data centre industry’s leading providers. This pioneering and important agreement will ensure our customers receive quality and secure data centre infrastructure, facilities and services as they expand internationally, as well as boosting CTG’s competitiveness in new markets. 

“We are also pleased to be taking another significant step forward in delivering against the objectives of China’s Belt and Road initiative.”