Swedish regulator tells Telia to speed up consumer switchovers

03 April 2017 |

The Swedish regulator has issued a formal warning to Telia to speed up consumer switches.

The Swedish regulator  Post- och telestyrelsen, PTS, has told Telia it has suspicions that the company is taking too long to switch consumers to rivals when they ask to move.

A warning has been issued to the company and it has been given until the 2nd of May to respond.

Dan Sjoblom, director-general, PTS, is reported as having said that end-users should not have to wait longer than a month to move suppliers.

Telia has to allow other suppliers to use its infrastructure to provide broadband.

PTS has said that switching line from one operator to another should happen almost instantly because of the fibre base of Telia’s network.

Telia contends that it can take up to three months for what the PTS calls a simple switchover to take place. PTS does not accept this and counters by saying that consumers should not have to wait longer a single month.