Wind Hellas and Vodafone sign fibre-sharing deal

13 July 2016 |

Wind Hellas and Vodafone Greece have entered into a memorandum of understanding to work together on the implementation and use of fixed fibre infrastructure.

The shared network infrastructure will provide Greek consumers with broadband access services, as well as help the country achieve its EU digital agenda targets of providing 30Mbps broadband to all citizens and 100Mbps to 50% of citizens by 2020. 

"As one of the largest telecommunications providers in Greece, Wind implements intensive investments in new technologies and infrastructure," said Nasos Zarkalis, CEO of Wind Hellas.

"Through strategic partnerships we are creating the conditions allowing these investments [to] lead to faster and more efficient development of new generation networks."

The two companies were in talks for a potential merger in 2012 until Vodafone quit the merger over Greek default fears.