Orange acquires Moldova’s Sun Communications

30 June 2016 |

Orange Moldova has acquired cable and pay TV operator Sun Communications in Moldova.

Orange has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of Sun Communications’ share capital. Sun Communications is the leading cable TV operator in Moldova. The acquisition of Sun Communications will, in theory, enable Orange to prepare itself better for the convergence which is sweeping through the telecoms market.

Orange plans to reinforce its position as the leading convergent operator in Europe providing fixed broadband, fixed and mobile voice services as well as pay TV services. The acquisition of Sun Communications is part of this strategy. Orange Moldova is the largest mobile operator in the country with over two million customers, providing high-quality 4G coverage to 84% of the population.

Sun Communications is one of the main Pay TV providers in Moldova by customer base and offers digital and cable TV services under the brand SunTV to customers in Chisinau, Balti, and Cahul. With over 172 channels and 25 HD channels on offer, SunTV is one of the largest providers of cable TV services with over 100,000 active customers. Sun also offers internet and VOIP (Voice over IP) services to over 38,000 customers in Moldova, offering up to 300Mbps connectivity.

The transaction will allow Orange to enter the fixed and Pay TV services market and offer new and innovative services to the new entity’s customers, particularly offers and services across fixed, mobile and pay TV services.

The completion of the transaction remains subject to the approval of competition authorities.