N+ONE to open neutral IXP in Morocco

15 February 2016 | Jason McGee-Abe

N+ONE Datacenter is set to launch a neutral IXP in Morocco with the support of France-IX in March 2016.

N+ONE is developing and launching the neutral IXP, CASIX, with the French internet exchange providing ongoing technical assistance and equipment with 100Gbps of total port capacity.

“As the first and largest carrier-neutral data centre operator in Morocco, we are in a strong position to sponsor the country’s first neutral IXP,” said Réda Ben Talha, deputy director, sales and marketing, N+ONE Datacenter.

“We will offer free colocation services for the exchange at all our facilities and our ISP, CDN, banking and corporate clients, who are early peering members, are already benefitting from the ability to exchange locally and are gaining added value from a neutrally managed IXP.” 

The carrier-neutral data centre firm has established infrastructure across North Africa and chose to partner with France-IX as a result of its “international community of nearly three hundred networks” and its experience in the continent.

France-IX believes that the collaboration will help to accelerate local peering in North Africa and enhance Mediterranean interconnections. “There is a momentum in the region and our objective is to help keep it going. We will do so by backing N+ONE’s initiatives and look forward to building an effective long-term partnership,” added Franck Simon, managing director, France-IX.

CASIX should help to boost in-country connectivity as it provides ISPs and CDNs with a neutral location for peering.

Final tests are underway with the technical infrastructure of the IXP ahead of its launch date.

CASIX is the second African IXP partnership for France-IX following Senix in Senegal and last October, France-IX released 100Gbps members’ ports.