Digicel Vanuatu launches LTE network

25 January 2016 |

Digicel has become Vanuatu’s first LTE service provider with the launch of a 4G LTE network in the country, according to a local news source.

The operator expects the 4G LTE network to enable those in its coverage area to be able to access the internet up to 10 times faster than existing speeds.

“The licence the government has given us allows us to provide the people of Vanuatu with a world-class internet service,” Yaser Maher, Digicel Vanuatu CEO, is quoted as telling reporters.

“It’s no small step, rather one giant leap, in Digicel’s evolution as we continue on our journey to become the best total communications and entertainment provider in the region.”

Customers in the region will reportedly be able to access the LTE network by swapping to a new SIM card and Digicel has also released a set of data bundles designed to offer citizens of Vanuatu the best possible value.

“Since Cyclone Pam [which hit the country in March 2015] we have been focussed on rebuilding, investing and innovating to ensure the people of Vanuatu have access to the best products and services in the world,” Maher allegedly added.

“Vanuatu’s new LTE network further demonstrates our commitment to developing and improving the nation’s access to communication and entertainment for consumers and businesses alike.”