Taiwan to release LTE spectrum blocks by 2015

28 March 2014 | Sophie Donoghue

Taiwan’s telecoms regulator, the National Communications Commission (NCC), has announced plans to release three blocks of spectrum in the 2600MHz band suitable for LTE.

According to the regulator, two 70MHz units of bandwidth – 2500-2570MHz and 2620-2690MHz – will be designated for FDD LTE, while a 50MHz band unit of 2570-2620MHz will be for TDD.

The three blocks of spectrum are expected to be released by the end of 2014 or in early 2015, when licences for 90MHz of bandwidth in the three band units, presently in use by four WiMAX operators, are due to expire.

According to local reports, the 2600MHz frequencies will not be released until these licences have expired.

In October last year the NCC announced that six companies were set to pay more than three times the original offer price for 12 4G mobile spectrum licences in the country.