Thailand finalises spectrum auction dates

06 March 2014 | Sophie Donoghue

Thailand‘s telecoms regulator, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), has finalised the time frame for spectrum auctions to redistribute 92.5MHz of spectrum in the 900MHz and 1800MHz bands.

The first auction is set to be held in August this year and will be for two 1800Mhz licences which are due to expire in September, held by TrueMove and Digital Phone.

One 17.5MHz licence in the 900MHz band is scheduled to be auctioned in November in advance of its 2G expiry date of March 2015. This licence is presently held by AIS.

The winning bidder will only be able to start using the licence once the AIS agreement expires, but the regulator said it would grant equipment permits to allow the winner to start early network construction.

NBTC is conducting a study to find out whether it is possible to auction a slightly larger 20MHz block of 900MHz spectrum, and it may consider making two licences instead of one available at the November auction.

A third auction for 50MHz of 1800MHz spectrum held by DTAC will take place in September 2015.