PCCW Global signs IP VPN agreement with PLDT

18 October 2013 | Kavit Majithia

PCCW Global has signed an international IP VPN Network-to-Network interconnection (NNI) partnership with PLDT Alpha Enterprise.

The agreement means both companies will jointly provide IP VPN services to customers all over the world, and enable network collaboration.

Through its IP VPN NNI, PLDT is set to expand its network footprint across the globe, as well as easing the burden of longer lead times in setting up traditional connectivity. It also allows the Philippines-based company to be more responsive to changing customer demands.

“With this partnership, we have bridged the gap between our unparalleled domestic capabilities and their strong presence in the region, including other hard-to-reach international destinations,” said Jovy Hernandez, VP and head of PLDT Alpha Enterprise. “This power of two is now ready to stride the market, as it happens and where it happens.”

PCCW Global will be able to enhance its presence in the Philippines through the collaboration, and the company said it will look to meet the increasing demands for end-to-end managed solutions.

“The collaboration with PLDT, a prominent player in Asia, allows us to create more flexibility in offering solutions to the south Asian market and all around the world,” added Stephen Pang, SVP, Asia & CIS at PCCW Global.