Alcatel-Lucent secures Bezeq upgrade tender

03 October 2013 |

French equipment vendor Alcatel-Lucent has won a tender to upgrade Bezeq Israeli Telecommunication's network across Israel, according to local reports.

The upgrade is designed to deliver 100Mbps internet connectivity to the majority of its customers across Israel.

At present, Bezeq reportedly only serves 100Mbps speeds to a minority of its customers, due to the distance between subscribers and telecommunications equipment.

Local reports state that Bezeq sees the upgrade as vital for addressing this technological limitation and hopes it will help the company to compete more aggressively with rival HOT Telecom.

It is believed that further down the line, Bezeq will partner with an additional vendor, Adtran.

Earlier this year Bezeq said it expects its fibre-optic network infrastructure in Israel to be a main source of growth.