Former du executive launches new UAE exchange company Orixcom

04 March 2013 | Kavit Majithia

Orixcom, a new next-generation international network connectivity, data centre and exchange services company, has launched today in the UAE, Capacity daily can reveal.

Orixcom is founded by Andrew Grenville, du's ex EVP for investments (special projects), and the start-up has been launched to operate both within the UAE and to connect to customers all over the world.

It will offer a range of services to its customers, including global Ethernet, IP transit, IP exchange, connection to the UAE-IX, co-location and virtual PoP, and the company will announce further services in due course.

Grenville, who has over 26 years' industry experience, including a seven-year stint at the UAE's second largest licensed operator du, believes Orixcom's launch is recognition of the role the region now plays as both a telecoms and ICT hub.

"We are focussed on providing our customers with efficient international connectivity and services in this thriving and dynamic region," he said. "That's why we have chosen to unveil the Orixcom brand at the Capacity Middle East event in Dubai."

Grenville, who will serve as CEO of the new company, told Capacity Daily that the idea for Orixcom came on the back of the Datamena project, launched by his former employer du and data centre partner Equinix in October last year.

Datamena serves as a carrier neutral international transit and content hub, providing connectivity and services between international carriers and enterprises. "Datamena is a great example of how far sighted the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is, particularly when it comes to the UAE," said Grenville.

"They are closely involved, particularly when it comes to connecting into and out of the region. The idea has been growing in my mind to set up a complementary company to this idea."

He confesses the potential for competition, particularly in the wholesale market to offer similar solutions to Orixcom in the UAE will be strong.

"There are a number of players who could develop these solutions, bring together local knowledge and the best practises internationally, but we believe we can offer better responsiveness, while being proactive," he said. "It is up to potential customers to decide who the better player in the market is."

Orixcom, which launches from today, aims to partner with international players, and Grenville said the company is open to relationships with both Etisalat and du, which are also promoting the idea of the UAE serving as the hub for communications in the Middle East.

Grenville confirmed that Orixcom is independently owned, and will operate offices both in London and Dubai.

Launching the company at Capacity Middle East provided Grenville, and his relatively small team, the chance to "actively discuss the business with potential partners, both in the UAE region and the wider global landscape".

He added: "Multinational customers are at the heart of our business; Orixcom is combining deep regional experience with top-notch international expertise to simplify our customers' business decisions and lower their market entry risk."

Grenville declined to comment on company projections or its financial expenditure at this stage but revealed he is "very ambitious with the potential for the company".