Main One unconcerned by launch of WACS cable

04 June 2012 |

Funke Opeke, CEO of Main One Cable, has said that the company is unconcerned by the arrival of the WACS cable in the West African market, which was officially launched on May 11.

“It is a tough market and we have proven we have what it takes to deliver consistently at competitive prices in the market. The competition can only try to catch up with us,” Opeke told Capacity.

She also claimed that the company’s subsea cable has seen a tremendous growth in IP traffic and that it currently drives the most traffic out of West Africa.

Main One announced in April that it had upgraded the lit capacity of its cable system with an additional 20Gbps between Lagos, Nigeria and Seixal Portugal, by deploying an additional bank of 10Gbps wavelengths.

The company claimed that the upgrade, which was undertaken in conjunction with TE SubCom, gave it the highest light capacity in West Africa, with more than 12 times the capacity of the incumbent operator and higher than other existing and planned operators.

Also on the horizon for West Africa is the ACE cable which is due to go live later this year.