OITA organisation formed by Latam telcos

21 March 2012 |

Eight state-owned telcos in Latin America have founded an initiative to compete with private companies on the continent.

The Organizacion Internacional de Telecomunicaciones de las Americas’ (OITA) founding act was signed in Uruguay yesterday, with representatives from Argentina (Arsat), Bolivia (Entel), Brazil (Telebras), Cuba (Etecsa), Ecuador (CNT), Paraguay (Copaco), Venezuela (CANTV) and Uruguay, (Antel). It will be headquartered in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo.

Cosee Carolina, president of Antel, said that the formation of OITA began in June 2011 with the intention of improving efficiency and competitiveness of members and providing wider access of social communications technology.

OITA will explore various topics including the ability to purchase common technology, analysis of regulatory issues, establishing interconnection of member’s networks and providing telecommunications access and knowledge to universities.

It was stressed that OITA will not be a regulator itself, but will provide a collaborative environment to share proposals and exchange views on regulatory issues.