Google to invest $2bn in Malaysian data centre

Google to invest $2bn in Malaysian data centre


Google is set to invest $2 billion in its first Malaysian data centre as South East Asia continues to see an influx of investment by tech giants.

The new data centre and a cloud region are anticipated to boost Malaysia's artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and aid the local industry's progress up the global value chain.

The region is poised to become a key player in the global digital landscape after a surge in investment. Microsoft announced a $2.2 billion investment in cloud services in Malaysia, whilst Amazon declared a $20 billion investment across Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Meanwhile, Malaysian conglomerate, YTL Group announced a $4.3 billion partnership with Nvidia.

The new data centre and cloud region will be situated in Sime Darby Property's Elmina Business Park in central Selangor state. According to Google, the data centre will deliver AI services and essential services including Maps, Workspace and Search.

Meanwhile, the cloud region will provide vital services to local businesses and public sector organisations, enhancing their digital capabilities and competitiveness.

Google's chief financial officer Ruth Porat said of the investment: "Malaysia and Google are partnering to advance our shared work to create a supportive ecosystem for innovation and unlock the potential of digital transformation."

Google announced at the close of 2023 that they would be collaborating with the Malaysian government with the support of Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim to boost digital innovation in businesses in the region through AI, cloud-first policies and investment.

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