New subsea cable to connect Northern Europe

New subsea cable to connect Northern Europe


IOEMA Fibre has announced a new submarine cable that will link key markets across Northern Europe.

The announcement was made on day one of the Submarine Networks EMEA Conference in London.

The cable is 1,400km long and will connect the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Norway.

The primary route for the cable runs from Dumpton Gap in the UK to Kristiansand in Norway, with branches extending to Eemshaven in The Netherlands, Wilhelmshaven in Germany and Bllabjerg in Denmark.

The cable features 48 fibre pairs and will offer 27-29 Terabits per pair, providing a total capacity of at least 1.3Pb/s.


Arelion has been chosen as the infrastructure on Denmark shores and will expand connectivity towards Esbjerg and Copenhagen through its network.

EWE TEL and Relined Fiber Network are joint landing partners in Germany. Both firms will offer backhaul routes into Hamburg and Berlin.

Eurofiber and QTS are the main landing parties in The Netherlands and will reuse the existing infrastructure of the former TGN Northern cable.

Colt Technology Services will accommodate the IOEMA cable at Dumpton gap.

“By increasing capacity, performance, and resilience across Northern Europe, the IOEMA project will have a profound impact on digital connectivity for this region and beyond," said Annette Murphy, chief commercial officer at Colt.

"We’re excited and honoured to be playing a key role in bringing this ambitious vision to reality.”

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