Exa opens cable landing station in Genoa

Exa opens cable landing station in Genoa

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Exa Infrastructure has expanded its network facility in Genoa to a fully open cable landing station (CLS).

The investment is triggered to serve future requirements of new subsea cables landing in the country.

Steve Roberts, SVP of network investments and products at Exa Infrastructure said: “With the increasing need for Internet resilience and greater data transmission capacity, there has been a move towards open-access models for CLSs to improve service quality, lower costs, and boost network resilience.

“The importance of having diverse connectivity options into Europe via Genoa from a single, pan-European supplier with strong subsea and landing proven experience - versus multi-sourcing from local and regional providers - is really a game changer compared to what was available in the region”.

Exa says it recognises Genoa’s importance in the subsea ecosystem and will invest in a new metro network ring that will simplify access to other cable systems.

Once complete, the new open CLS in Genoa will have access to five transmission routes into other parts of Europe, providing redundancy and reliability for its customers.

Open CLS serve as standardised, neutral interconnection points where service providers can link their networks to submarine cables.

The setup promotes competition among providers, stimulates innovation and broadens connectivity options for users, Exa said in a release.

The company operates 188 CLSs across Europe and North America.

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