OpenAI and News Corp partnership marks 'significant evolution' for AI and news

OpenAI and News Corp partnership marks 'significant evolution' for AI and news


The recent multi-year global partnership between OpenAI and News Corp signifies a “significant evolution in the relationship between the AI industry and news outlets,” according to Alon Yamin, co-founder of Copyleaks.

This collaboration allows OpenAI access to a vast repository of high-quality, credible content from News Corp's extensive portfolio, including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post.

“This access will enhance the training data for OpenAI's models, potentially improving the accuracy and reliability of its ChatGPT chatbot,” Yamin says.

For News Corp, Yamin says, the partnership offers a new revenue stream and increased visibility, ensuring its journalistic standards are upheld with AI-generated content.

“This strategic move highlights the mutual benefits of such collaborations and sets a precedent for other media companies to engage in similar partnerships, promoting a more sustainable and cooperative ecosystem,” he adds.

This news should come as a welcome development for the AI-leader and follows a series of lawsuits that OpenAI faced earlier this year.

“OpenAI aims to mitigate legal risks by securing a legitimate content source and establishing clear, fair agreements with content owners,” Yamin explains.

“This deal underscores the necessity for robust and ethical partnerships in the AI industry, balancing innovation with the rights and interests of content creators.”

“As AI technologies advance and their applications expand, the collaboration between OpenAI and News Crop could influence how AI developers and media organisations interact, setting new standards for ethical content sourcing and intellectual property management in the digital age.”

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