The surge of data centres in the AI age
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The surge of data centres in the AI age


In today's world, where artificial intelligence (AI) is booming and digital needs are soaring, the demand for data centre capacity is skyrocketing. As businesses adopt AI to innovate and grow, the need for strong data centre capacity has become more important than ever.

According to a recent report from JLL, the demand for capacity across Europe is set to surge in 2024, with secondary markets witnessing significant growth. In particular, regions such as Southern Europe and the Nordics are projected to experience an increase in demand ranging from 30-55 percent. This growth shows how important emerging markets, like the Nordics, will be in handling the growing need for data centre capacity. 

The Nordics, with lots of land and renewable energy, have become hotspots for data centres. Among Nordic cities, Stockholm stands out as a prime destination for data centre colocation. Renowned for its green electricity, competitive electricity pricing, and innovative heat reuse initiatives, Stockholm offers an ideal environment for data centre operations. 

Stockholm: A Hub of Innovation 

Stockholm's appeal as a data centre hub comes from its mix of factors that suit modern businesses. The availability of true green electricity, without the complexities of Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs), ensures a sustainable power supply that aligns with the environmental objectives of organisations. Additionally, Stockholm features highly competitive electricity pricing, making it economically attractive for businesses seeking cost-effective data centre colocation. 

Stockholm has plenty of renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, which adds to its green credentials. Data centres in Stockholm utilise innovative heat reuse technologies to contribute to district heating systems, minimising environmental impact and promoting resource efficiency.

This makes Stockholm a complete destination for colocation, catering to the diverse needs of various industries. 

In addition to its environmental initiatives, Stockholm offers robust connectivity infrastructure, ensuring seamless communication and data transfer for businesses operating in the region.

Conapto Stockholm 4 South – the AI-ready data centre 

In response to the growing demand for data centres in Stockholm, Conapto, who offers cutting-edge data centre colocation, is launching its newest facility - Stockholm 4 South. This modern data centre offers 20 MW, built-to-order, capacity, perfect for AI deployments. It has flexible design, is prepared for high-density deployments, and ready for liquid cooling, making it ideal for different needs. 

One standout feature of Stockholm 4 South is its focus on sustainability. Powered by 100% renewable energy and leveraging innovative heat reuse to district heating, the facility exemplifies Conapto's dedication to environmental stewardship. Moreover, with security class 3 standards in place, clients can rest assured that the data centre is protected at all times. 

Whether it's air-cooled deployments or liquid-cooled setups exceeding 100 kW per rack, Conapto stands ready to deliver tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients. As the demand for data centre capacity continues to soar, Conapto remains at the forefront of innovation, enabling organisations to harness the full potential of AI in a sustainable manner. 

The future of colocation in Stockholm and beyond 

In conclusion, as AI continues to shape industries, the importance of sustainable data centre capacity cannot be overstated. With investments pouring into emerging markets like the Nordics, coupled with advancements in sustainability and technology, the future of data centres looks bright. 

As organisations strive to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape, the availability of reliable, high-density data centre capacity will be critical.

With Stockholm leading in sustainability and innovation, and Conapto spearheading the development of cutting-edge facilities like Stockholm 4 South, we're poised for a new era of exceptional data centres.

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