Orchest, DCConnect expand automation partnership

Orchest, DCConnect expand automation partnership

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Orchest Technologies and DCConnect Global have expanded their partnership, aimed at enhancing customer support in Latin America and Asia.

Following successful integration efforts, Orchest has incorporated key components of DCConnect automation, facilitating connectivity to over 6,500 endpoints situated across 1,000+ data centres worldwide.

With this development, Orchest will be able to connect any of its more than 80 million access points in Latin America to almost any data centre around the world.

Jeremy Villalobos, CEO of Orchest expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. He said: "This collaboration marks a significant milestone.

“Enabling connectivity between any last mile access point in Latin America to almost any data centres worldwide elevate our capabilities to a new level."

He added, "Assisting DCConnect in achieving last mile automation in Southeast Asia not only benefits them but also enables us to extend our quoting capabilities from Latin America to the Southeast Asian markets."

Orchest is also bolstering DCConnect by enabling last mile quoting in Southeast Asia, commencing with Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and extending throughout the region.

At this juncture, DCConnect is now introducing a new Beta Dedicated Internet Access to their web pricing portal.

Henry Lam, CEO of DCConnect Global said: “I am very happy with this partnership. As both Orchest Technologies and DCConnect were recognised as the Best NaaS Provider of the Year 2023 by the MEF Forum in Latam and APAC, this collaboration marks a meeting of excellence.

“Together, we aim to bridge the continents, uniting the vibrant landscapes of Latin America with the dynamic markets of APAC. Our shared vision is to empower businesses across these regions with unparalleled connectivity solutions, fostering growth, innovation, and collaboration on a global scale.”

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