ITW exclusive: Rolf Nafziger changes role at Deutsche Telekom

ITW exclusive: Rolf Nafziger changes role at Deutsche Telekom

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Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has announced at ITW 2024 that 24-year veteran Rolf Nafziger will step away from his current role overseeing its global wholesale unit to take up a new role as executive advisor within the strategy consulting department.

Nafziger will commence his new role as of 1st June 2024. Deutsche Telekom described him as “an integral member of Deutsche Telekom” since joining the business in 2000.

Nafziger joined the business as VSE and SME segment marketing director, a role he held for two years before a four year stint as executive vice president of pricing.

He spent three years between 2006-2009 as senior vice president marketing at Deutsche Telekom’s mobile brand, T-Mobile, and following that served as senior vice president international segment marketing.

“Over the last 10 years, he has played a pivotal part in the success of the company’s wholesale arm, contributing significantly to innovations that have had a transformative impact on the industry,” Deutsche Telekom said.

Nafziger’s impact on the industry has included his participation in the ITW global leaders forum, where he worked on starting dialogue’s and taking action to enhance international connectivity and minimise network fragmentation.

He spearheaded GLF initiatives including projects that focused on IoT service level agreements and 5G SA roaming.

“Rolf’s dedication to advancing the telecommunications industry and fostering collaboration among global carriers has been instrumental in driving transformative change and shaping the future of connectivity. We express our heartfelt appreciation to Rolf for his remarkable contributions to the GLF and the telecommunications sector as a whole. As he embarks on his new position, on behalf of everyone at techoraco, I extend our best wishes for continued success and fulfilment in his endeavours", said Annabel Helm the managing director of Datacloud, GLF and ITW at techoraco.

Nafziger said he has “been honoured to play a part in the evolution of the telco wholesale business from traditional models to dynamic environments enabling real-time connectivity.”

“I now eagerly anticipate the opportunity to spearhead advancements and foster growth across the entire communications sector,” he added.

Nafziger will be replaced by Dimitrios Rizoulis on June 1st, who is currently responsible for B2B strategy, transformation, and marketing at Telekom Geschäftskunden, Deutsche Telekom’s business customer division.

Rizoulis has 15 years of experience in the telco business, including roles in strategic planning and transformation at OTE Group, and group strategy and transformation at Deutsche Telekom headquarters.

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