Lifting the curtain on connectivity’s future: Glo Fiber invests in communities
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Lifting the curtain on connectivity’s future: Glo Fiber invests in communities


In October 2023, Shenandoah Telecommunications (Shentel) made the headlines when it announced its planned acquisition of Horizon Telecom. Today, the company officially operates as part of the Glo Fiber brand. So, what’s the story? 

Looking beyond the headlines, it’s clear that the true news isn’t in the financial details or the name — it’s in the work being done for communities and businesses and how these key investments shape a more accessible connected future. Optimising portfolios by blending resources ultimately helps business consumers and end users, and closing connectivity gaps for customers is the real heart of this story. Glo Fiber has remained focused on growing its footprint and reach by onboarding resources and teams that align with their vision for customers’ digital futures. The result is reliability, power and accessibility where it’s needed.

Today, Glo Fiber delivers approximately 15,400 fibre route miles across a vast network backbone, supporting more business and residential customers than ever before.

Shentel notes this as a transformative opportunity for its Fiber First strategy due to its ability to double its commercial fibre resources. The organisation’s chief operating officer, Ed McKay, notes, “We now expect to pass 150,000 additional homes with fibre in greenfield markets, targeting 600,000 total passings by the end of 2026.” This recently closed acquisition delivers a combined fibre footprint that spans seven states — with room to grow. In fact, Glo Fiber has already announced expansion plans to several new Ohio communities, including Zanesville, Hillsboro, Jackson, Johnstown, and Greenfield.

A Future Built on Firm Foundations 

Robust, expanding connectivity assets are critical for properly supporting healthcare providers, educational institutions, local governments, enterprises and beyond — as such, these assets stand the test of time. Nobody knows this better than Glo Fiber and Glo Fiber Business, who have been leading the way on a strong trajectory of growth across a vast footprint of network infrastructure. 

As a leading commercial fibre provider, Glo Fiber Business provides a powerful suite of advanced data and voice services to enterprise customers, educational institutions, small businesses, and wholesale customers. Its portfolio includes dedicated internet access and high-speed ethernet, dark fibre leasing, and managed network and security solutions. Meanwhile, as a leading residential broadband internet provider, Glo Fiber takes great pride in several key differentiators, including exceptional reliability, symmetrical download, straightforward pricing and prompt local service. 

"Glo Fiber and Glo Fiber Business have earned a strong reputation for providing superior local customer service and dependable broadband network solutions across our Mid-Atlantic markets. We are excited to bring our brand, network reliability, and customer focus to our new service areas in Ohio,” said Ed McKay.

For Glo Fiber, maintaining a focus on strategic investment and expansion empowers the organisation to deliver on its commitment to helping those that need access to these services most: communities, businesses and families. Glo Fiber is dedicated to outstanding care with a local focus — something that can be in short supply in a world that favours the metro epicenters over the secondary and tertiary markets 

Want to learn more? Click here to learn how Glo Fiber supports communities, businesses and beyond.

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