Vantage opens second Zurich data centre

Vantage opens second Zurich data centre

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Vantage Data Centers, a global provider of hyperscaler data centre campuses, has announced that it will open a second Zurich campus this summer.

The new campus, named ZRH2 will offer 24MW of IT capacity, adding to the existing capacity of its ZRH1 data centre. In total, both campuses will provide 64MW of capacity.

ZHR2 is Vantage’s 33rd campus globally, and is located 30 km north of Zurich’s city centre in Glattfelden and 20km from ZHR1.

The 226,000 square feet campus will support Vantage’s hyperscaler, cloud provider and large enterprise customers, coming online at a time when demand for artificial intelligence and other high density compute requirements is skyrocketing.

“Across Europe and the globe, the demand for highly efficient, hyperscale data centres is booming to meet the needs of next generation applications, from powerful AI models to high-performance computing and cloud transformation,” said David Howson, president of Vantage Data Centers, EMEA.

“Vantage is prepared to meet that demand for current and new customers, and we look forward to opening the doors of our latest data center this summer.”

Howson added that Zurich is a rapidly growing data centre market due to its strategic central location and its global financial leadership.

“We expect to continue developing in this market based on customer demand,” he said.

ZHR2 will be built with Vantage Data Centers “Sustainable by Design” blueprint.

The company said it will deliver industry-leading power usage effectiveness (PUE) and water usage effectiveness (WUE) to support energy-efficient operations.

Vantage Data Centers has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions across its global portfolio by 2030.

Vantage has installed air source (ASHP) and water source (WSHP) heat pumps within ZRH2, which will be used to convert waste heat for use to condition administrative spaces and reduce external energy use.

ZHR2 will also supply waste heat to a nearby hotel and seminar centre, in line with a growing trend across Europe.

Additionally, ZRH2 will leverage rainwater infiltration and a green roof to minimise environmental impacts.

Vantage will employ more than 400 individuals during peak construction and create approximately 25 jobs to operate the campus.

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